29 Apr 2015

Walk to Save Our Sons | Newcastle - Sydney - Canberra

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19 Apr 2015

Did you hear James Reid and Scott Hingston on NXFM earlier in the week?

They had a chat with Sophie and Normy on Monday, 13 April 2015.

Click the below video to hear the audio.

03 Feb 2015

Whilst pounding the pavement is an essential component of running, eating the right foods to fuel your body is just as important.

We love this Buzzfeed list, which provides some great diagrams and images to demonstrate the best approach to food.

Click here to view.

29 Jan 2015

By James Reid

Like most things, learning to run a 5 kilometre or 10 kilometre distance is all about practice and perseverance.

We recently read this article from Dr Philo Saunders, an Australian Institute of Sport Senior Physiologist who provides some great tips on how to use intervals to increase your speed or extend your distance.


23 Jan 2015

By James Reid

I recently read an article about the connection between age and ultramarathon running that I found interesting.

It stated that researchers were able to determine that the peak age for a 100km ultramarathon is 39-40 years old, for both men and women.

Which I felt was good news for me, as I’m a few years off that. However, then I read further and it stated that the fastest times recorded...