James Reid

Name | James Reid

Nickname | Frankie 

Age | 36

Job | Chemist

Interests | Running (obviously) Rugby, Golf, Snowboarding, A challenge

Fav Races | Marathon Des Sables, North Face 100, Paddy Palin series

Goals | To help make people believe in themselves and attain their goals. To prove ordinary people can do extraordinary things with the right attitude and support.


Why Run Reid?

Having done small amounts of work for charity I realised that I could do so much more.

I also realised it isn't always about money. It's about bringing awareness to the masses, fun and smiles to those a lot worse off than ourselves and sometimes just be a shoulder to cry on.

I wanted to combine personal challenges with charity fundraising and RunReid seemed like a perfect platform to do this from. I love the idea of constant challenges and hope people support what we do by joining in! Remember, ordinary people CAN do extraordinary things.